What to Do With Old Eggs? – All You Need to know

Eggs are undoubtedly one of the most popular meals we can cook. Not only are these very nutritious, but they also provide us with the satisfying feeling we get when we feel full. Aside from that, they’re also very delicious and sumptuous.

This is why what usually happens is that we buy them in bulk and we just store them in our fridge until we forget that they are actually there. What do we do then with them? Well, that’s what this article is about.

In this article, we are going to tell you the best things you can do with old eggs. We are also going to show you the top tips when it comes to handling eggs, as well as how you can still use them so you don’t have to put them into waste.

What to do with expired eggs?

What to do with expired eggs

The first best thing you can do with expired eggs is to first have them go through a float test. What happens with fresh eggs is that they sink to the bottom most part of the basin.

Meanwhile, expired eggs are going to float. The usual thing people do if their egg is expired is to just throw them into the trash.

However, you can also use the shells in another way. The most common thing to do with the shells is to use them as fertilizer, knowing that they are very rich in calcium.

Also, don’t feed expired eggs to your pets because this can lead to digestive problems. Note that there can also be a difference between the expiry date present on the container of the eggs, and the actual egg status.

How to check for expired eggs?

check expired eggs

What usually happens is that eggs last longer than what the expiry date on the container says. But there are also times when they expire faster and earlier than the intended date.

Eggs are usually good for around a month to five weeks after being laid on by the chicken. But that’s if you kept them in the fridge. Meanwhile, you’ll usually see the expiry date on the stamp is around 30 days or one month.

This means that there can be an extra week that you can still use the eggs in its desirable state.

Expiries don’t happen immediately as it takes a few days for foods to be fully rotten. This is why it’s important to first test your eggs if they are really expired. One good way to do that is through a float test.

You can also crack it open first and then smell. It will have a very strong and unpleasant smell if it’s already expired. But then again, the float test is still the better method.

How to prevent eggs from rotting?

How to prevent eggs from rotting

Eggs can last for many weeks in the fridge as long as they are properly transported and stored in ideal conditions. They can even last for a longer time if you place them in the freezer.

We recommend that you place your eggs immediately on the fridge to prevent any build up of condensation. This is very important because this facilitates the creation of bacteria around the egg shell.

Eggs should also be stored in the respective original container to prevent the absorption of odor. This is also going to protect the eggs from differences in temperature.

The ideal temperature where you can store eggs is below 4 degrees Celsius. You can also put them in the freezer if you want to store them for months or even up to a whole year. Just make sure that you thaw your eggs first as soon as you remove them from the freezer.

Also, remember that eggs should not be left at room temperature as much as possible, or at most within 2 hours.

Can you hard boil old eggs?

Can you hard boil old eggs

Yes, but it is not recommended. What most of us thin is that you should choose old eggs if you are going to hard boil them. Examples of these are those that have been inside the fridge for many weeks.

This is because many think that they are easier to peel. Well, that is true. But that is not always the case as there are many ways to ensure a proper hard boiled egg regardless of the age. In fact, there are some cases when it is better that you use fresh and new eggs because their yolks are more centered. They can also lead to attractive deviled eggs.

How to use old eggs in the garden?

How to use old eggs in the garden

The best way to use old eggs in the garden is to just use the shells. What usually happens is that you immediately discard them after the egg is already cooked.

Little do many people know that they are very rich in calcium, and can serve as a fertilizer for garden soil. To do this, it’s best that you crush the shells and immediately mix them with the soil.

You can also boil them and use the boiled water as the fertilizer. Then pour this over the soil. This boiled water has more potassium and calcium levels which greatly benefits plants, especially those that bear fruits and flowers.

Using boiled water from crushed egg shells also makes it easier for the water to seep through the roots and give the plants fast access to the nutrients.


As a conclusion, you can clearly see that old eggs still have many uses. Don’t immediately throw them away because you think they don’t anymore have a function.

In fact, you can still use them and even consume them as long as they still haven’t expired or have spoiled. Just be sure you know if they are already spoiled or if they are still good to eat.

It’s also best that you place the eggs in the right temperature and place to avoid them from spoiling. You can even use them as fertilizer for your garden.

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