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How To Find The Best Diamond Sharpening Stone In 2019

A sharpening stone is a plain stone block made of silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, or Novaculite. There is also a sharpening stone that's coated with crushed diamond known as the diamond sharpening stone. With that in mind, what's the best diamond sharpening stone out there? You can't just buy the first stone you see on an online search or at a kitchenware store shelf.

Types Of Sharpening Stones

1. Crystolon Stone:

The silicon carbide one is known as the Crystolon stone. It's an artificial or manmade stone that can be used for initial coarse sharpening of dull knives or even edge creation of raw metal. It's useful for getting edge back from even rusted knives.

2. India Stone:

The India stone is the one made of aluminum oxide. It's a manmade type of sharpening stone you can use for fine-grade sharpening, specifically for the sake of honing the blade accurately or even when dealing with blade maintenance.

3. Arkansas Stone:

The Novaculite sharpening stone is also known as the Arkansas stone. This is natural stone with multiple grits. You can avail of it as fine grit for the sake of fine edge sharpening and coarse grit for making edges. Depending on the grit, an Arkansas stone can pretty much accomplish the same things as the India and Crystolon stones.

4. Diamond Stone:

A diamond sharpening stone is a sharpening stone covered in diamond crystals. It's considered faster at doing either fine or coarse sharpening because diamond is the hardest substance known to man and it makes quick work of any metal surface whether it's coarse or fine in grit. Steel easily scrapes off of diamonds compared to just sandstones or water stones.

It's More Than Just Grit

Your stone should be coarse, rough, and gritty. These stones are the foundation of your sharpening toolbox. Essentially, the initial edge established by the coarse stone will cut sharper than a dull knife but you still need to perfect the edge with the assistance of a fine grit stone. However, how many of these stones and what grit should they be depends on how much of a sharp edge you need.

  • Coarse Stone Sharpening: Sharpening with a coarse stone is about making the edge a good shape rather than just refining an existing edge (honing) or fixing the sharpening angle (realigning). When buying a diamond sharpening stone set or a standalone diamond sharpening stone, coarse stones is your best bet to getting a shapely edge or an edge with a shape that's conducive to better cutting.
  • Fine Stone Sharpening: Meanwhile, a finer stone is what you need to get the edge details worked out. Just like how you need a chainsaw to make the rough shape of your sculpture then chisels to detail it, so too do you need a fine grain stone to sharpen or hone an established edge. As many a diamond sharpening stone review would take note, finer grits "refine" the edge in order to improve its cutting power. A dull edge won't cut well and should be reshaped with a coarse stone to get the sharpness back.

You will progress from coarse to fine as you establish a new edge or restore the old edge of a dull blade. As you go through the fine grit of one diamond sharpening stone home depot after another, the cutting edge of your blade will continuously improve.

When To Use Coarse And Fine Stones

If you're wondering "So a fine stone produces a better cutting edge. Why do you need a coarse stone at all?" then the answer is that finer stones work more slowly at removing dull material than coarse ones. Essentially:

  • Fine Stones Are for Refinement: Using only a fine diamond sharpening stone lowes to sharpen the dullest of knives is akin to using a chisel to carve a statue. It's needlessly tedious and tiring. A coarse stone removes more material and preps the edge better.
  • Coarse Stones Are for Shaping Edges: In turn, using a coarse diamond sharpening stone amazon to get a fine edge is frustrating because it removes too much material. The coarse stone is for shaping and the fine stone is for refining the edge. A fine stone doesn't require much metal removal to really get that edge.

The Size of the Stone

The size of the blade you want to sharpen naturally requires a corresponding size of diamond sharpening stone ebay. Whether you're sharpening ordinary kitchen knives or a samurai sword, you should have the right stone that fit their length of blade and edge.

  • A six-inch stone is a small sharpening stone and an eight-inch one is midway large.
  • Anything larger than eight inches (you can avail of ten inches or twelve inches of stone sharpeners) is considered pretty large.
  • You can also avail of smaller stones measuring four inches or even three inches. These are pocket stones that allow you to sharpen blades on the go.
  • You can place your sharpening stones in tackle boxes, toolboxes, and so forth. However, for regular sharpening jobs, go with eight inches and above.
  • Longer stones make it easier to sharpen knives while it'll take you longer to sharpen them with a palm-sized stone.
  • The length of the stone is far more important than its width as far as knife sharpening is concerned.
  • A small knife can be easily sharpened by a large stone but a large knife cannot be easily sharpened by a small stone.
  • The longer the stone the better because it takes fewer strokes to sharpen the blade, thus making it better at maintaining an ideal and consistent sharpening angle.
  • When it comes to woodworking tools like diamond sharpening stones for chisels, plane blades, and chisels, you need stones that are as wide as the blades themselves. This time around, width plays a greater role.

More About Diamond Stone Benefits

What should you be looking for when buying a diamond stone for sharpening? Here's an overview. In regards to diamond sharpening stone vs waterstone, the diamond ones are superior due to their hardness while the water stone ones tend to have issues with dipping or hollowing (in which case, you should purchase a truing stone to keep them flat and level).

There are diamond sharpening stones available for every budget. Just remember that you get what you pay for and if you become stingy when it comes to these stones, you're likely to get a non-long-lasting stone. On the other hand, not all expensive stones are the best stones and you still need to make a price to quality comparison when all is said and done.

The Top 5 Diamond Sharpening Stones

1. Ultra Sharp Set - Coarse/Medium/Extra Fine:


The main reason it got to the top spot is because it satisfies its customers and there were few to no complaints in regards to its quality control (which dragged down the scores of its competitors). The ultra sharp diamond sharpening stone emphasizes cost-effective value.

Although the guide had a warning in regards to "getting what you pay for", the Ultra Sharp brand of Diamond Sharpening Stone tops this list because it gives you more than you bargained for (in a good way). It comes complete as diamond sharpening stone set, for one thing.

For another thing, it comes in different grits of 300, 600, and 1,200 grit stones measuring 8 inches by 3 inches. It even includes a universal stone holder and quality that many a customer can vouch for. It can sharpen all sorts of tools and knives along with the hard-to-sharpen ceramic knife thanks to its quality distribution of diamond grit.

2. Ultra Sharp II Kit - Medium and Extra Fine:


This package is probably rated lower than the three stone set because it only includes two stones. It's still great value for your money, which is why this diamond sharpening stone ultra sharp this gets the second spot on this top five list.

It features 600 and 1,200 girt diamond sharpening stones. So it has the coarse 300 grit stone missing from its lineup compared to the more complete set mentioned above, and its score reflects that fact. With just a drop or two of water, you can hone anything on this, including carbide lathe tools because of its very flat surface and heavy steel substrate.

Nevertheless, this diamond sharpening stone usa package ensures better blade honing with light pressure and fine stones that quickly sharpen anything with a cutting edge. You can't use it to make an edge out of raw metal though. It lacks the all-around utility of the other Ultra Shop product package deal.

3. Eforlife Double Dual Sided Sharpener Diamond Knife Sharpening Stone Whetstone 300# 1000#:


The main claim to fame of this brand of sharpening stone over the Ultra Sharp brand is its dual-sided sharpener whetstone. One side is 300-grit for coarse sharpening and the other side is 1,000-grit for fine sharpening. The eforlife diamond sharpening stone is two stones in one.

When using a diamond sharpening stone, you can expect durable sanding and sharpening from it because of the durability of diamond. It doesn't hollow out as easily as other materials because diamond is really hard. Harder than the steel it's supposed to sharpen. It lacks a bit in terms of size, which is 7.8 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.3 inches.

In other words, it's smaller than 8 inches by 0.2 inches, thus explaining its low rank on this list. It's still a great stone, mind you. However, the package deals of Ultra Sharp outdo it in many ways. However, it still delivers enough of a quality performance because of its ability to level other stones and whatnot.

4. DMT D8F 8-Inch Dia-Sharp Continuous Diamond Fine:


The fourth best diamond sharpening stone on this list just happens to be one of the more popular brands out there. This dmt diamond sharpening stone comes as a standalone stone rather than a package deal, which kind of explains why it's placed low on this list.

It's also an all-America stone that's made in the USA (or a diamond sharpening stone america). You're assured of American standards and high quality across the board. It even has a sharpening surface designed to specifically accommodate a wide range of edges, from small pointed tools to large knives.

It got its placement on this list despite also having a quick-sharpening monocrystalline diamond surface like all the other diamond sharpening stones featured on this review because of DMT's quality control problem. You can sometimes get a good stone but there's a risk of getting a low-grade one too.

5. DMT W6EFC Three 6-Inch Diamond Whetstone Models in Hard Wood Box:


You'd think that this particular diamond sharpening stone dmt package would rank higher than the standalone DMT sharpening stone, but that's not the full story. Yes, you get three sharpening stones on this package that feature coarse, fine, and extra fine grits.

You'll also have a product that sharpens faster than conventional stones thanks to the same monocrystalline diamond surface technology that doesn't require oil to sharpen. You can sharpen your knives by whetstone (with water) or dry stone (without water).

When it comes to cleaning a diamond sharpening stone, this one also shines because it's easy to clean because there's no need to add oil to it. It's also constructed durably, thus ensuring reliable service and consistent performance through the years. Alas, DMT quality control has dragged its scores down enough to make a package deal rank worse than a standalone one from the same company.


Rather than purchase a diamond sharpening bench stone or a diamond sharpening stone - hone block, you should instead get an 8-inch (or longer) diamond sharpening stone to fulfill all your knife sharpening and honing requirements. As far as the best diamond sharpening stone is concerned, the winner is Ultra Sharp Diamond Sharpening Stone Set.

It's a package deal with a bulk discount but you won't feel like you're being gypped because the quality of the individual stones themselves will satisfy you. When you shop to buy diamond sharpening stone package deals, the ones offered by Ultra Sharp are some of the most cost-effective bargains you can get in light of their inclusion of universal holders and ability to keep your blades and tools (like chisels) as sharp as the day you bought them.

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The Best Japanese Water Stones For Your Needs

The Japanese water stone (also known as the Japanese waterstone or whetstone) is a type of sharpening stone (from Japan) that you can use to sharpen your knives and blades by applying water on its surface first prior to stroking the blade over it. In regards to finding the best Japanese water stones available, here's what you need to know.

Your Guide To Buying A Japanese Whetstone:

Here are the things you need to be looking for when shopping for Japanese whetstones.


Like with Arkansas stones, these Japanese water stones are available in different coarse and fine grits, like a stone with 250 coarse grits or something fine in the 1,000s or so. You can commonly avail of a double-sided whetstone with a Japanese waterstone 1000 grit one one side and Japanese waterstone 6000 grit on the other side on most packages. Some Japanese waterstones are so fine you can avail of them as Japanese waterstone 8000 grit or even Japanese waterstone 10000 grit.


You also want a product inspected by reputable third party inspection companies, whether they're made in Japan (the most genuine of Japanese water stones) or in the USA. Each package and stone should be checked and put under a battery of durability and functionality tests before they even reach shelves or warehouses. The best Japanese waterstones are the ones that can be used by both professionals and housewives because of its consistent performance. It also doesn't hurt if the stone is award-winning or branded.

Durability and Versatility:

As far as Japanese waterstone sharpening is concerned, the best quality whetstone packages allow for multipurpose use. You want a professional-grade sharpener that's long-lasting, highly durable, and doesn't arrive right off the package as cracked or hollowed out (used). It should also be a water stone that can sharpen a whole host of knives by being at least 8 inches in length. It should sharpen kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, scissors, chisels, Wushtofs, razor blades, and even axes.


To save money, it's preferable to avail of your Japanese water stone as bundles or knife sharpening kits that include double-sided whetstone blocks with different grit grades on either side or an outright Japanese waterstone wheel (a great axe grinder for sure), a bamboo or silicon plastic base for holding the wet stone as you sharpen the knife, and a knife sharpening angle guide. I actually gave minus points (along with other reviewers) on packages that lack instruction manuals since not all people know how to use a waterstone properly.


Safety is always a concern. That's why your oriental whetstone package should come with a bamboo or silicon (any waterproof material) base that holds the stone without it slipping away. Get your water stones fixed in place while sharpening. You'll feel like Sisyphus rolling that rock over a hill tediously if your waterstone keeps slipping from a badly designed base, plus you increase the likelihood of you accidentally cutting a finger or palm.

Ease of Use:

The ease of use that you can get out of your Japanese water stone depends on its quality (so that its defects won't make it a chore to use for sharpening your different blades) and on the instructions included in the package. The Japanese water stones best packages include a knife sharpening angle guide that allows you to maintain the correct angle in sharpening, which in turn enables you to apply constant and consistent pressure while sharpening whatever blade you have on hand. Your Japanese whetstone should also be easy to assemble and user-friendly.

Directions for Use:

When it comes to using a Japanese waterstone, rest assured that it's an easy to use blade sharpener once you know how it works. Just soak it in water for 20 minutes then moisten it up as it dries out afterwards with a half-dozen passes from a wet rag. From there, it has enough slurry to effectively sharpen up the edge of any knife. This is just an overview though and there should be instruction manuals present to outline a more details approach. Just wash off the sloughed off metal on the stone when you're done sharpening your blade.

Japanese Waterstones versus Arkansas Stones:

In regards to Japanese waterstone vs arkansas stone, the Japanese whetstone can only work with water in order to create that slurry that sharpens your blade. It's also easier to clean up with water as well. With an Arkansas stone, it uses both water and honing oils in order to do the same effect (so it's not strictly just a whetstone but also a stone that works with oil). Also, oil is preferable for Arkansas compared to water in terms of lubrication, which can be messy to deal with at times. That's the bottom line when it comes to Japanese water stones vs. arkansas stones.

Synthetic versus Natural:

Natural water stones from Japan tend to dish faster and have a softer feel to them since they occur in nature. They also vary wildly in quality and character. When you decide to do a Japanese water stone buy out or shopping expedition, look for the best ones because they polish your knives in a manner that manmade stones cannot. They also require more finesse in order to be used properly, so they're the top choice of chefs, veteran housewives, and professional knife sharpeners.

Synthetic Japanese waterstones are more automated and uniform. They're the choice of inexperienced housewives, novice chefs, or any amateur who has never sharpened a blade in all his or her life. Their predictability and consistency allow you to end up with a good (or passable) knife sharpening result every time even if you're a beginner user of stone sharpeners and they're typically of the 1,000-grit to 6,000-grit variety.

The Top 5 Japanese Water Stones

There are different Japanese waterstone brands to choose from. Choose carefully.

1. Mighty Dreams Premium Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Whetstone:


This wins the top spot on this top 5 list because it's a package deal where everything I was looking for is available. It has a bamboo base for holding the stone, an instruction manual, a guide for knife sharpening angles, and premium-quality double-sided whetstone.

It even has an eBook with loads of tips and tricks when it comes to using these waterstones to their utmost potential regardless of your knife sharpening experience and skill level. The Japanese waterstone mighty dreams is a multipurpose kind of package that includes a sharpening stone with fine 1,000 grit and extra fine 6,000 grit. However, it has received complaints of being too soft and unable to keep a flat face.

From what I've experienced, the stones from Mighty Dreams are quite safe, easy to use, and high quality. It's also dependable enough to be a Japanese waterstone axe sharpener. However, despite its high scores, it has issues with quality control. Some buyers have received packages with low-quality stones although they did like the bamboo base a lot. Others had issues with the softness of the stone to the point of requiring constant resurfacing.

2. Culinary Obsession Whetstone Knife Sharpening Stone:


This stone package comes with a 2-sided pro-grade Japanese-style waterstone blade sharpener featuring 1,000 grits on one side and 6,000 grits on the other. The Japanese waterstone culinary obsession also includes easy video instructions, an angle guide, and a non-slip base.

It gets the job done when it comes to sharpening knives with its combination grit whetstone that has an extra wide sharpening system to keep a variety of knives razor sharp. The Japanese waterstone kit also makes it easy to learn how to use it with an audio-visual presentation of an instructional video to round out the deluxe kit that even includes a no-slip bamboo base.

In light of how close its offerings are to the Mighty Dreams stone (it even has a video, which is superior to an eBook instruction manual), why is it ranked lower than the other stone? As you might suspect, its score was dragged down by quality control complaints wherein even the video wasn't enough to make it score higher than the "simpler" package of Mighty Dreams.

3. Tartek Knife Sharpening Stone-1000/6000 Grit Japanese Sharpener Waterstone:


The third best waterstone on this list is a whetstone that also includes an angle guide and a non-slip base (yes, there is a pattern of excellence being established here). The Japanese waterstone tartek has a similar double-sided grit stone, one with 1,000 grits and the other with 6,000 grits.

It's great for blade maintenance or even edge creation from dull blades (it just takes longer because it lacks a coarse-grit side or stone like with Culinary Obsession and Mighty Dreams). It ticks all the boxes when it comes to Japanese whetstones, so you're probably curious why it's only the third best knife sharpening stone on this list.

For one thing, Mighty Dreams has a stronger consumer base compared to the less popular Tartek. For another thing, Culinary Obsession has a better instruction video package compared to the barebones offering of this product (no manuals to speak of). Finally, its score got dragged down with poor quality control. Some units don't sharpen at all.

4. KING 250/1000 Grit Combination Waterstone:


This Japanese waterstone features a 250-grit side (a rough and coarse stone for sure) for creating edges and making the dullest blades sharp. Its other side has 1,000 fine grits instead. The Japanese waterstone king also has the size of 8 inches by 2 inches by 1 inch and the fact that it's two stones in one helps you save money.

It's a Japanese waterstone from japan that's really affordable and sharpens quite effectively. It's particularly skilled in sharpening out your chisels if you're a woodworker. Just use the Robert Larson Honing Guide to help you run on the right track (not included with the package, of course). Alas, other than having a rough grit, there's nothing much to be said about the King waterstone.

What's more, it has a rougher grit available unlike the top two that have only fine grits. However, due to its lack of instruction manuals and defective units, it has landed on fourth place on this top 5 list. The other two, even though they're specifically just for fine sharpening, have fewer complaints about them.

5. King Combination Sharpening Stone KW-65 and King Nagura Stone:


This is yet another king Japanese waterstone package, but this time around it's more complete. It has a combination grit 1,000 and 6,000 stone that's double sided plus it also includes a Nagura stone that's extra fine with its 8,000 grits for good measure. The two-in-one stone measures 7.5 inches by 2.5 inches by 1 inch.

The Nagura stone, meanwhile, is a smaller stone measuring 2.8 inches by 0.8 inches by 0.9 inches. It even includes a plastic stand for the double-sided Japanese whetstone as well. The bamboo base of the earlier products is more fetching than something made of plastic (which I feel cheapens the unit). It's still an excellent enough Japanese waterstone sharpening kit all-in-all.

So why is the most robust package that's a genuine Japanese waterstone (because it's made in Japan) dead last on this list of excellent whetstones? For one thing, the Nagura stone doesn't add much due to its smallness in size. For another thing, there are reports by users of them receiving stones that are cracked or damaged right off the box, which dragged its score down.


You want a water stone that has multiple uses on different blades (whether they're axes, razors, chisels, scissors, pocket knives, hunting knives, or kitchen knives). You should also look for a perfectly safe stone that doesn't crater easily after extended use. The best of the best Japanese water stones is Mighty Dreams Premium Knife Sharpening Stone. It's a superior bundle of sorts because it comes complete with an eBook, instruction manual, and sharpening angle guide on top of a useful bamboo base and a two-sided quality whetstone with 1,000 fine grit on one side and 6,000 super fine grit on the other side. The other whetstones don't even come close.

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The Best Electric Knife Sharpener To Free You From Kitchen Troubles

We dread the moment when knives go dull becauseits a hassle trying to bring backits perfect sharpness. But there is less worrywhen you have the best electric knife sharpener. In this article we’re going to explain what you need to know to findthe best electric knife sharpener that will give freedom from a dreaded task.

Why Should I Use An Electric Knife Sharpener?

1. Easy to use.

The best thing about an electric knife sharpener is you do not need any professional experience to bring back the life of dull knives. It is a plug and play device, you simply have to position it in the correct slot, guide it through the sharpening process, and you’re done.

2. Doing it yourself instead of having it professionally sharpened saves more time.

Having to travel to and from a sharpening shop requires time, effort, and additional work. Investing on an electric knife sharpener will give all the same benefits while still being in the comfort of your own home.

3. Quality is better.

Using traditional whetsone in sharpening takes up too much time and requires experience. Having an electric knife sharpener produces better quality of blades in comparison to manually grinding them. If you are inexperienced and looking for a way to save time and effort without compromising quality, then this might be for you.

What To Look For When Buying An Electric Knife Sharpener



1. Portable.

The best electric knife sharpener should be portable, for it to be easily transferred from one part of the kitchen to another, and stored away when not in use. Check the power cord that comes with it and see to it that the length is enough for your needs. Take note that it should be portable, but the quality of materials should not appear flimsy or prone to breaking.

2. Stays in place.

This small feature is often forgotten by buyers, but plays an important role in the ease of use for any electric knife sharpener. Find a tool that has a grip capacity underneath so it can stay in place while being used with less need of pinning it down. Check if rubber matting or any suction can be provided in the base area of the item.

3. Safety design.

The best electric knife sharpener should allow the user to a grip that is safe even when in the process of sharpening. Measure out the dimensions of the product and see whether you can properly position your hand. Is it safe to touch when in storage? Can there be a possibility of accidentally cutting your fingers? Do a visual check and try to imagine using it first before purchasing it.

4. Durability.

For any product we purchase, we want to make sure that it will last a long time and is worth every penny. If you are buying from a physical store then get a feel of the materials used, how it was made and make sure it can stand wear and tear.

5. Compatible with a wide range of knives.

The best electric knife sharpener to buy should not only be flexible. See if it features sharpening for both serrated and non-serrated blades, equipment knives, or even pocket knives. The wider the range of use, the better it will be in terms of value for your money.

Top 5 Best Electric Knife Sharpener

1. WusthofPEtec Electric Sharpener


The WusthofPEtec is the first product in this list for the best electric knife sharpener. It uses precision edge technology to sharpen and make it seem like the blades never went dull. This features a three stage knife sharpening process: stage one is for sharpening and getting back the angle, stage 2 is for honing the blade, and stage 3 is for stropping or polishing of the blade. Use of the three stages may vary, depending on your preference and what kind of sharpness you want to achieve with your blade.


  • It has a three-stage knife processing achieves great professional results in seconds;
  • It can be used for both serrated and non-serrated knives;
  • It produces extra sharp knives that can hold long periods of use;
  • Able to sharpen even small knives because the design makes it easy to position any blade;
  • Stays in place even during sharpening process;
  • Safe to use even on expensive or professional knives.


  • Some units can have misaligned guides.

2. LINKYO Electric Knife Sharpener


The LINKYO electric knife sharpener is a tool that is equipped with an automatic blade positioning system that can hold the knives in the ideal sharpening position. Guiding the knife back and forth will be the only thing you do as the machine adjusts the blade to the correct angle. This might be a good choice if you are having trouble with your previous sharpening tool in finding the right spots to focus on.


  • Has an automatic blade positioning system requiring less work;
  • It has heavy-duty non-slip suction cup feet that keeps it firmly in place even when being used;
  • Features 2-stage sharpening: stage 1 reshapes the angle and sharpens the edge, and step 2 cleans the blade finish while polishing the knife;
  • It has easy to remove plugs for the receptacles that allow for faster cleaning.


  • The inside parts may fall apart, causing damage to your knife;
  • Putting pressure on the knife can weaken the motor.

3. Presto 08800 EverSharp Electric Knife Sharpener


The Presto 08800 Eversharp is a two-stage sharpening system that quickly sharpens any non-serrated blade. It creates the perfect edge by using Sapphirite sharpening wheels, the same material being used by professional shops. This knife sharpener has 4 slots, the first two will rejuvenate your blade’s angle wherein you switch the blade to another slot when one side has already been sharpened. Theremaining two slots will give your blade the polishing finish.


  • Precision blade guides position the knives in the angle that will best achieve professional results, user only has to guide the knife;
  • Two-stage sharpening system not only revives your blade’s sharpness but cleans the overall look by leaving polished sides;
  • Motor is not loud;
  • Thick sharpening wheels are guaranteed for heavy duty use, and can withstand a series of sharpening.


  • Requires moistening the bottom part to create suction with surface and not move around;
  • Motor may be a little too sensitive to pressure;
  • Cannot be used on serrated knives;
  • Requires swift movement of the knife as the grinding stones may bend your blade.

4. Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect Electric Knife Sharpener


The Chef’s Choice 15 Trizor XV EdgeSelect is a highly-acclaimed professional knife sharpener that can sharpen both serrated and non-serrated knives. While traditionally sold knives come in 20 degree angles of the blade, the Trixor XV can realign any knife’s bladeto create a 15 degree angle that is said to provide maximum performance and easier cutting experience by giving a thinner blade.


  • Produces quality knife sharpening similar to when brought to professional shops;
  • The 3-stage process allows the blade to be sharpened with very minimal metal removal, prolonging the life of your knife;
  • It can sharpen serrated and non-serrated knives;
  • Wheel is equipped with diamond abrasives on disks that effectively hones the blade;
  • EdgeSelect feature makes it more flexible in choosing the perfect sharpness for your blade.


  • The inside parts may fall apart, and may cause damage to your knife;
  • Putting pressure on the knife can weaken the motor and overtime render the machine useless.

5. Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener


The Chef’s Choice 120 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener is an all-in-one sharpener that caters to almost every known blade we use. Be it a gourmet chef’s knives, butcher knives, sporting knives, or other serrated knives, it can deliver a sharp blade in just a few seconds. This might be a great deal if you’re looking for a sharpener that can be utilized for all your fancy knives.


  • It has a three year warranty period;
  • Capable of sharpening a wide range of blades, even those not for kitchen use;
  • Built with three-stage precision sharpening;
  • Lets you select the edge to match the need and focus of sharpness you want;
  • Contains diamond coated disks producing a sharp edge and longer-lasting edges.


  • May cause scratches at the sides of some knives.
  • Malfunctions after a couple of use.


The 5 best products of this article are all highly recommended, but one product truly stood out in terms of all the features we were looking for. The WusthofPEtecelectric sharpener is our top choice and a clear winner in this battle for the best electric knife sharpener– it has a great build quality, and can bring back the sharpness of any dull knife. Best of all, this sharpener is known to give the benefit of a professional knife shop, without having to leave the comfort of home.

The Best Manual Knife Sharpener To Buy In 2019

New knives create a lesser work time in the kitchen because slicing and preparation is made easier, but overtime they lose their sharpness. This is where investing on the best manual knife sharpener comes into action – keep your blades for longer use by regularly sharpening them while producing professional output in the comfort of your own home.

Why Should I Use a Manual Knife Sharpener?

1. There’s lesser chance of your knife being damaged.

Electric knife sharpeners get the job done quickly, but since everything is automated, sometimes the blade gets damaged or proper alignment is not achieved. If you have high-quality blades, a manual knife sharpener is better because you have total control of the process and there is less risk of any blade damage.

2. It adds to your kitchen skills.

Kitchen skills are not only limited to cooking itself, knife sharpening can be added in your skill set. Getting used to manual knife sharpening methods make you always prepared for any situation. If you attend a party wherein an immediate sharpening is needed, then you’ll be the lifesaver.

3. It will extend your blade’s lifespan.

Anyone who owns a knife should have a knife sharpener, for knives to last it should be regularly sharpened. Having a manual knife sharpener will make the job fast for you by not having to bring them to professional shops.

Different Types of Manual Knife Sharpeners



1. Sharpening stones

Sharpening stones can either be hard oilstones or soft waterstones; hard stones need mineral oil or kerosene as lubricant and soft stones are aided just by using water. These traditional sharpening tools require constant practice as you solely rely on your hands and eyes for checking and sharpening the blade. Using stones requires a lot of time, and is not the greatest option for regular kitchen duties.

2. Manual blade carver

These manufactured sharpeners use a V-shaped cutting notch that carves a new edge, regardless of the original blade’s original edge. They’re usually made from tungsten carbide that is hard enough to reset the blade’s form.

3. Manual blade grinder

A manual blade grinder basically uses a fixed rotating wheel that is either an abrasive ceramic or diamond-coated steel. This grinds the edge of knives to produce a sharper blade.

What Should I Look For When Buying a Manual Knife Sharpener?

1. It should be easy to use.

Sharpening stones are a great option if you are looking to learn the actual art of knife sharpening, but if you’re buying just for the maintenance of your knives, then look at a more convenient device. Manual sharpeners

2. Has an ergonomic and convenient design.

Look for a tool that has a grip design so you can easily position yourself when sharpening.

3. Quality of sharpening.

Read which material was used for the sharpening material, this will likely dictate the kind of sharpening output you can expect.If you have high-quality blades, choose a product that can compliment your knife and will ensure a safe sharpening process.

4. Durable.

Set aside the price matters and invest on a knife sharpener that can last a long time. Look at the build quality, if it is made from plastic then see that it is not the brittle kind. Have a feel of the screws and the connections, take into consideration that it should be sturdy enough to handle even bigger knives.

Top 5 Best Manual Knife Sharpener In 2018

1. Besiva 3-Stage Professional Manual Kitchen Knife Sharpener


The Besiva 3-Stafe professional manual kitchen knife sharpener is a 3-stage sharpening system that gives the option of finishing, polishing, and exact grinding your blade’s edges. It comes in a solid ABS plastic body designed to withstand regular usage and is made with a handle to provide a comfortable grip to the user.


  • It is equipped with a slip-resistant rubber bottom that keeps the device in place during sharpening;
  • The handle design allows for a great grip;
  • The 3-stage system offers a flexible slot sharpening function for every kitchen knive’s needs;
  • Can sharpen kitchen scissors;
  • Sharpener is compatible even for ceramic knives;
  • Sturdy plastic body and well-built.


  • The sharpening material loses its capacity to create a sharp knife after a few use.

2. KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2-Stage Knife Sharpener


The KitchenIQ 50009 knife sharpener is a compact tool that only measures 4.3 x 5.9 inches and weighs around 0.6 ounces. The sharpening system comes in two slots: coarse is for the dull and even damaged knives, and the fine slot is for polishing the knife or for touch-ups on an already sharp knife. It has an Edge Grip feature, and is basically made compact for easy storage, but not compromising on work output.


  • The Edge Grip feature allows sharpening to be done on the counter’s edge and is able to prevent the tip of larger knives from dragging into the surface of the counter;
  • Its a very compact device that fits in the palm of your hand, but is able to accommodate even bigger blades;
  • Has a non-slip base in addition to the edge grip feature;
  • Can be used even for ceramic knives;
  • Can be used as a travel sharpener for outdoor trips.


  • Size may need some getting used to as it does not have a handle for easy grip;
  • Ceramic stones for fine honing lose shape quickly.

3. Chef’s Choice 4643 ProntoPro 3-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener


Chef’s Choice is a well-known producer of knife sharpeners, and this 4643 ProntoPro 3-Stage Manual Knife Sharpener is one of their quality products. It is created to accommodate any blade ranging from kitchen knives to sports and pocket knives. The end product of the 4643 ProntoPro is an arch-shaped edge that gives a stronger and durable blade.


  • It is well-built and sturdy;
  • Features an extendedsoft handle design making it easier to grip even when sharpening;
  • 100 percent dimond abrasive wheels provide sharp, arc-shaped edge;
  • It is fast to use, a few strokes and the sharpening process is done;
  • Safe to use even with expensive knives as it will beautifully polish and rejuvenate any blade;


  • Best used for dull knives, adding touch-ups to already sharp knives would not create much difference and may only damage the blade;
  • No instructions included in the packaging, improper use may damage your knife.

4. Victorinox Handheld Manual Knife Sharpener


Different from how other manual knife sharpeners look, the Victorinox Manual Knife Sharpener is a handheld device that is almost similar to the size of a knife’s handle. It is built with durable sharpening plates that are precisely angled resulting to a keen and razor-sharp edge. This device measures approximately 1-2/5 by 4-2/3 by 9 inches, compact and sturdy.


  • Unlike most knife sharpeners, this is dishwasher-safe;
  • Designed with full-length finger guards to ensure a safe sharpening process;
  • It is a handheld device, convenient for use by either a right-handed or left-handed person;
  • It is manufactured by a well-known company of knives, the build quality is excellent and lasts years;
  • Works wonders on sharpening 15 degree edges;
  • Sharpening time is fast, only needs two to four strokes for the blade to regain sharpness;
  • The installed hard plates can be turned, doubling the lifespan of the sharpener;
  • Capable of sharpening even pocket knives.


  • Does not come with the added feature of manual knife sharpeners that are not handheld, cannot provide grinding, solely used for sharpening blades.

5. Brod & Taylor Professional Knife Sharpener


Brod & Taylor’s Professional Knife Sharpener looks a little bit intimidating as it differs from the usual form of knife sharpeners. This solid stainless steel sharpener weighs 2 pounds, and is made in Austria. It works for both serrated and non-serrated knives as the sharpeners are made from tungsten carbide that can last up to 5 years, and comes with replacements.


  • Precision tungsten-carbide sharpeners are connected to spring-action bars that adjust to the angle of your knife’s blade. You can control the angle of it from 12 degrees to 20 degrees depending on the needs of your blade;
  • Can be used even for high-end or quality knives as it does not damage the edges;
  • Can handle both serrated and non-serrated knives;
  • Sturdy and well-built, ensuring a longer lifespan;
  • The hand-polished solid stainless steel material gives an elegant touch to your kitchen.


  • Has no handle to easily grip the device, tipping over may occur when sharpening especially with larger kitchen knives;

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The products mentioned above are of great quality and features, but what stood out is the Victorinox Handheld Manual Knife Sharpener.

It is not in the form we are accustomed to, but it delivers a great job in keeping knives in their top shape. The added feature of being able to turn the hard plates is a great addition that makes it a long-lasting product. It’s easy to clean, dishwasher safe, portable, easy to use, and the results makes it the best manual knife sharpener. This may be the product that can give you a greater kitchen preparation experience.