How Long Is A Stick Of Butter?

Butter is a product that is produced after churning milk, a method through which solid fats are separated from the liquid which is referred to as buttermilk. Butter can be manufactured using milk from animals such as sheep, cows, goats, and buffalo. But how long is a stick of butter?

There are many other different kinds of butter such as unsalted, salted, clarified, and grass-fed butter. Each of these types varies from each other following their production method and ingredients used.

Due to a high concentration of fat in butter, it has a creamy texture and rich flavor.

How long is a stick of butter?

How long is a stick of butter

In most cases, you will find out that butter is normally sold in one or ½ pound packages but divided into sticks. The stick weighs ¼ pounds/4ounces/110grams. One butter stick normally contains 8 tablespoons. When packaging is being done, the marking is done using tablespoon measures. Every tablespoon weighs a half-ounce which can be equated to 15g metric weight.

One stick of butter has how many grams?The measurement markings found on the stick of butter are helpful but might not be very useful to anyone who follows a recipe whenever you are preparing anything using butter. Following a recipe when using the metric system might not be easy when compared to one using imperial measurements.

People are always advised to use their kitchen scale when measuring butter. Measuring butter is accurately done whenever you are using the kitchen scale. The standard United States stick of butter weighs ½ a cup which is equivalent to 113 grams which is equivalent to 4 ounces.

The United States sticks of butter adjustment table

The United States sticks of butter adjustment table

People living outside the United States might find it hard when it comes to understanding recipes that require sticks of butter. Here is a way of helping you out if you are in trouble when it comes to using butter. The table below shows some conversions of butter from sticks to cups, ounces, grams, teaspoons, tablespoons, milliliters, and kilograms. The aim of the table is to help one with some issues when it comes to conversion to have the best during their recipes.

Butter volume




½ stick




1 stick




2 sticks




4 sticks




Sometimes one might be in doubt of these results, the right way to handle this is using your kitchen scale and get the measurements.

Uses of butter;

Uses of butter

Mostly, butter is used for cooking. It has resulted in limited uses for butter by many people. There are many different uses people can use butter in their lives. Here are some of the ways you can use butter for:

  1. Butter is used to prevent molding in cheese. You need to avoid wasting cheese by letting it become moldy or have cut edges become hard. You can have a coating of butter on your cheese to keep it free from mold and fresh all the time. Anytime you use your cheese make sure you coat it with butter before rewrapping it and storing it back in the refrigerator.
  2. Can be used on the skin to remove sap. Sometimes when you work in the woods or have a walk in the forest and touch some sticky sap from the trees, you might not be able to get rid of the sap. Everyone wants to have smooth and clean skin. Sap from the tree feels as if it might not come off quickly. Butter is the solution to All this. You need to rub butter on the affected area then wash it using some soap and water. The results will be nice.
  3. Helps in cutting sticky foods. If you are handling sticky food, it might not be easy for you to cut them using your knife. You should rub some butter on your sharp objects such as scissor blades, or a knife before cutting the food. Butter acts as lubricants thus helping the food from sticking to what you are using to cut.
  4. It hinders cooking pans from boiling over. You might have experienced pans boiling over when you are not keen on your cooking. Sometimes you might take your eyes from your cooking pan and the next thing you notice is that the pan is boiling over onto the top of what you are using to cook. You need to make sure next time when you cook you keep the water in the pot. You should add a tablespoon of butter to your pan or rub it on the top of your pan. Cooking will be easy and better with this cooking tip.

How to store stick butter

If you want to store your butter for a longer period, it is safe to store it covered or wrapped in your refrigerator. However, spreadable butter bliss, you can store a small amount at room temperature while it is covered with limited caveats.


Butter can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three months. It can be frozen for a year. Once you exceed that period, the taste will change. It is thus advisable for one to make sure you get butter that you can use for a year. If you want to get the best results from your frozen butter, you need to freeze it using the packaging you bought it in.

Storing your food properly:

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