The Best Ceramic Knives For Excellent Cutting And Slicing – 2019 Reviews

Knives are important utensils everyone should have in their kitchens. These are used for cutting and slicing food ingredients. Without these, cooking would surely be a big challenge. But unknown to most people, knives aren’t always made of metal as some are made of ceramics! That’s what we’re going to talk about here as we’ll show you the best ceramic knives.

Why Ceramic Knives Are Better Than Metal Knives

1. Stays Sharp for a Longer Time

Compared to metal knives, ceramic knives don’t easily get dull. This is because of the natural properties of ceramics. This gives it a longer service life and it helps you make the most out of it. Aside from the sharpness, ceramic knives are also rust-resistant which means that you can use it for a longer time.

2. Tolerance

What’s great about ceramic knives is that they are non-porous. What that means is that they aren’t affected by the destructive properties of acidic and caustic foods. Onion and lemon are two good examples of acidic and caustic food ingredients. These can easily reduce the performance of metal knives in the long run.

But you don’t have to worry about that with ceramic knives because they are acid and caustic tolerant. So what does this mean for you? Simple! It shows that you can use it for different purposes where you don’t have to use another knife just to cut or slice an onion.

3. Better Slicing

Ceramic knives are pretty good in maintaining its sharpness through time, as compared to metal blades that can easily get dull when used regularly. You'll see the difference if you slice a fruit such as a tomato.

Try slicing it with a ceramic knife and you'll notice how smooth it cuts through it. It can even easily peel its skin off without crushing, bruising, or damaging the tomato's body. This makes it also an ideal knife to use if you want to fillet or debone a fish or pork and beef meat. Most deboning knives are made of ceramic because of its efficiency in cutting and slicing through bones.

4. Multipurpose

What's really cool about ceramic knives is that they can be used for different purposes. You can use them in the kitchen, outdoors, or for whatever reason, you can think of. It's in their multipurpose nature that makes them worth the buy. These ceramic knives don't rust and are also non-conductive. This makes them usable even underwater, making them the ideal knife of choice of underwater divers.

Helping You Choose The Best Ceramic Knives...

1. Check its grip.

The first thing you need to check when choosing a ceramic knife is to look at its grip. Check the grip thoroughly and make sure that you'll be comfortable in holding it. The last thing you want to happen to you is to get bruises and calluses on your hand. Make sure that the ceramic knife's handle is comfortable to hold.

I find ceramic knives that have an ergonomic handle to be a perfect choice if you really want the best one. An ergonomic handle design can do wonders for you because it ensures that your fingers would perfectly fit the handle. This is where you're going to make in contact with, that's why you need to be pretty sure that you won't bother holding it for some time.

2. Learn more about its blade.

The blade is also where you’ll know if it would be a useful ceramic knife. Make sure that the blade is sharp and is durable. You’ll know this by learning more about the knife’s brand or manufacturer. The more reputable the company is, the more likely the blade is of high quality. It should be really sharp, smooth, sturdy, and won’t easily get scratches or any kind of deformities. It’s in ensuring the toughness of the blade that you’ll know if the knife will work great.

3. Is it light or heavy?

Make sure that the ceramic knife is not too light or not too heavy. It should weigh ideally. To do this, it’s best if you try it out yourself. Hold it and swing it and see if you’re comfortable with it. You see, it depends on the user if he or she is comfortable with the knife. If you want to have flexibility, then get a smaller and lighter knife. But if you want brute force and strength, then settle for the bigger but heavier knives

4. Get to know the brand.

Then there’s the element of the branding. It’s the brand that tells you whether your ceramic knife is going to have a long service life or not. The brand is where you’ll know if it’s durable or even worth buying. Know if the brand has been in the industry for years because these kinds of companies are usually the ones that manufacture high-quality products.

If you are not really sure if the company is a reliable one, then do some research. Ask people who might have already experienced using the ceramic knife. You can also search the internet and read some reviews. When you do this, you’ll know if the ceramic knife of your choice if worth buying or not.

5. Is it worth the price?

There is also the element of price. Make sure that it's not overpriced, so you'll not waste your money on buying something that can cost cheaper if you were to choose another brand.

However, you should not look at price as a means to know its quality. It doesn't mean that if the product is expensive, then it's already made of high-quality materials. To tell you frankly, I have bought a lot of affordable products that have outlasted the premium priced ones that I have purchased. This just shows that you need to be wise when buying something. It is recommended that you choose a ceramic knife that is priced moderately so that you assure the quality and price worthiness of the product.

Top 5 Best Ceramic Knives 2018

1. Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set


The Coiwin Kitchen Cutlery Ceramic Knife Set a very lightweight product mainly because of the way it is designed. Aside from that, its handle features an ergonomic shape making this knife very comfortable and easy to hold.

I can say that I didn’t have any problem holding it for minutes or even hours. The blade is made from zirconia which assures that the taste, smell, and texture of the food will not be changed. Apart from that benefit, the zirconia-made blade is also known to be strong and hygienic. This doesn’t absorb any food elements because it’s made of ceramic.


  • It can easily cut bread and other similar foods with utmost ease. I simply hold it softly and it can then easily cut whatever it is that I’m cutting.
  • It’s got crisp edges which makes the cutting and slicing even easier.
  • And what’s best is that it doesn’t leave any crumbs or meat cuts when slicing through it.


  • It just easily gets blunt especially if it’s the only knife you use in your kitchen.
  • You need to sharpen this regularly to maintain its sharpness and performance.

2. Dalstrong Ceramic Knives Set


The Dalstrong Ceramic Knives Set is another product we recommend to you. It is made by Dalstrong is enough to say that it’s a good buy. But the reason is not just about that but it's also because of its construction, material, and performance. This has a very sharp blade as it's made of zirconium. This material is two times sharper than steel and it is even regarded to be near the hardness of diamond.

Imagine its cutting capability. It can even retain its edge sharpness by up to 15x more compared to regular steel. There is 0% chemical leakage, is ultra light and assures you that it wouldn't allow bacterial growth on its surface. This is what you need if you're a hygienic type of person.


  • It is very sharp. A single cutting motion can get the job done for most foods.
  • The design doesn’t only look nice but is well thought of because it’s functional.
  • The price of this ceramic knife is affordable and lower than what you can expect based on its high-quality look and feel.


  • You might encounter some durability issues with this one as it can get clunky through time.
  • The handle is not the best when it comes to comfort.

3. Dwave Ceramic Knife Set


The Dwave Ceramic Knife Set is the kind of knife that you need if you want less surface resistance as possible. The edge of the blade is also razor sharp, making it a great performing kitchen knife. Its blade is made of a blend of premium zirconia and other materials that are forged through a superheating process. Its color is also stylish as it’s colored black. This avoids staining and makes it look clean even if you’ve used it for quite some time. You even get a sheath when you purchase this ceramic knife.


  • The blade is very sharp, making it perform excellently when cutting through any type of food.
  • It's best to be used for cutting vegetables and meat. It's just like slicing through butter.
  • The anti-slip handle is also very useful because this assures you that your hand will stay in place when cutting with it.


  • The price is a turn down because it’s too expensive.
  • I find this a bit heavy, which might slow you down in the long run.

4. Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Chef's Knife


The Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series Chef's Knife is another one we'd like you to include your choices. It measures 7 inches, has a black-colored blade made of ceramic material, and is what you need for mincing, chopping, and dicing. This is 100% impervious to acids, salts, oils, juices, and any kind of element or material that might cause regular steel knives to have a reduction in performance. This is also lightweight and is perfectly balanced. It feels good in your hand.


  • This is one of the sharpest ceramic knives in this review roundup. Be careful to not touch the blade.
  • It’s very sturdy and it feels good in your hands because it’s balanced.


  • The only turnoff to this ceramic knife is that its blade is too brittle. You need to have a backup knife so that you won’t use this all the time.

5. Kyocera Innovation Series Ceramic Utility Knife


The Kyocera Innovation Series Ceramic Utility Knife is another one we’d like you to try out. The length of the handle and the blade are a bit similar. This gives you the perfect balance you need when chopping down something or slicing through thick layers of meat. It has an upper angled handle to blade interface that’s very useful when cutting or slicing something on a chopping board. Its handle is even ergonomically designed for maximum safety, comfort, and performance.


  • This is perhaps the sharpest knife I have tried.
  • It’s also very lightweight. This gives you a lot of room to be flexible when cutting or slicing something.
  • It’s also very durable, strong, and well built. You’ll know that it’s made of premium materials.
  • The handle gives you a feeling of safety.


  • But for some, this might just be too light.
  • This results in it being short of power.


Out of the five reviewed products, I find the Kyocera Innovation Series Ceramic Utility Knife to be the best one. The feeling you get when you use it is what seals the deal for me. It’s comfortable to hold, gives you a safe feeling, and is balanced perfectly. Even its blade is very sharp and it enables you to do a wide range of motions. It’s the ultimate ceramic knife to have in your kitchen.

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